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Corfu: Scattered clouds, 20 °C


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The northern Ionian is isolated from the rest of Greece and therefore has its unique peculiarities concerning its climate. The winds here are unknown. During the summer afternoons it blows Mistral (NW wind) which, especially on the east coast rarely exceeds the 4 Beaufort. In the evening the wind drops. Corfu is famous for its mild climate (the sailors call the Ionian Sea as "holy") and there are many tourists, with or without a sailing boat, that enjoy their holidays away from the intensity of the Aegean. The hardcore surfers can satisfy their passion in “Kassiopi”, “St. Georgios Pagon”and “St. Georgios Argyrades” at South. The hardcore sailors should navigate southern, at the “Strait of Paxos” and even below. Alternatively, a suitable solution is the small islands of “Mathraki”, “Othonoi” and “Erikousa”.

During the winter months, the southerly winds prevail. Many times the intensity can be greater than 8 Beaufort and can last for days, but the island is rarely blocked due to the short distance between Corfu and the mainland. The seafarers will appreciate the feature of the South winds that "inflate" slowly, giving them time to hide in a safe harbor.



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